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Dutch t3 joker needs help in Denmark..


Hi everybody,

I just registerd on this forum to see if one of you guys might be abble to help a fellow t3 driver out..

We are on or way to Norway for our vacation and just arived in Roskilde, we will be visiting Copenhagen tommorow but there is a problem with our t3 Camper van.

We've recently had the engine and gearbox replaced by a 1.9Td engine and 3H 5 speed gearbox. All was wel until i noticed some oil leakage coming from the gearbox.

The oil is probably comming from seal (dont know what its called...) on the drive shaft from pressure plates to gearbox. The oil leaking is definatly gearbox oil. The engine is a 1z with an aftermarket turbo fitted on it.

Would any of you be able to point me in the directen of a good workshop for the t3? I prefer one with quick action an in Copenhagen or Roskilde or somewhere in this area..

Thanks for taking the time to help me out, and sorry for possible mistakes in my English.


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These are nice people good service small workshop. I can call them if you want. about 55 km from Roskilde "mayby"

sorry for late answer..

I have the gasket you might need.. call me if it can help you..

best regards Erik +45 53140010..
gasket (600 x 450).jpg
(57.9 kB . 600x450 - vist 500 gange)

Didn't expect this, but Erik was just on our camping site to bring us the parts we need..

We will be driving to Oslo today, where hopefully the emergency road services have made an appointemaint at a garage for us. Or i will find a free bridge and do it myself if i need to.

Erik, i can't thank you enough!

Kind regards,


Sveden chip ,Norge = dobbelt kr. The take 200,00 euro an hour
Kind regards Poul


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